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  • Laminar Releases Version 10.03 Beta 6 Patch


    Laminar Research has just released Beta 6 for X-Plane 10.03!

    Start up those updaters and get the ball rollin'!

    A list of changes are as follows:


    • Fixed bug preventing lowercase routings from working
    • Fixed numerous crashes in the ATC system.
    • Fixed bug causing AI planes to suddenly taxi through a hold short line wildly.
    • Fixed bug causing the view to change while using the arrows to navigate ATC menus.
    • Adjusted timers to let users communicate with ATC more easily.
    • Adjusted "off course" tolerances to make it less annoying.
    • Improved automatic layout generation at KTCM (and hopefully other airports that are long and thin)


    • CRJ and other aicraft cockpits should work at night in HDR mode on OS X Lion.
    • Sim is more tolerant of missing textures - the rules now match v9 for OBJs.
    • Slight improvement to braking model to aid in erroneous aircraft drifting.
    • Baron 58: Added cockpit night lighting. Use the four lighting knobs under the copilot yoke to adjust.
    • F4 Phantom: Adjusted the flight model for better in-flight handling and more reasonable manners on approach and landing.
    • Fixed seg fault in weight/weapons window.


    • Fixed cut-off global lights on ATI hardware.

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