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  • VSkylabs Releases the SR71 Blackbird


    VSkylabs Aerospace Simulations has recently introduced their SR-71 Blackbird for X-Plane 12, marking their latest endeavor in delivering an authentic representation of this iconic aircraft to flight simulation enthusiasts. Development on the SR-71 commenced in January 2023, aligning with VSkylabs’ commitment to detail and accuracy.

    Known for their specialization in unique and historically significant aircraft, VSkylabs recently showcased their Hungarocopter before focusing on the SR-71. The SR-71 simulation boasts a meticulous recreation of its systems, animations, and mission configurations, with the current flight model at version 1.0 (Early Access) and ongoing enhancements planned for future updates.

    Key features of the SR-71 Blackbird include precise algorithms controlling Air Inlet spikes, accurate ramjet characteristics, and a detailed propulsion simulation. The throttle settings accurately replicate operational procedures, with the Chemical Ignition System visually depicted during startup. Dynamic afterburner variable exhaust nozzles and the intricate air inlet system with moving spikes and fuel management systems are faithfully simulated. Animated flight control surfaces and simulated air-to-air refueling sequences further enhance the realism.

    The 3D model of the SR-71 has been meticulously crafted to incorporate extensive details, including the iconic A330 Start Cart and Lockheed’s D-21 reconnaissance drone. FMOD sounds of the Buick Wildcat V8 401 ci engines complement the immersive experience. The fully detailed cockpit is VR-compatible, replicating all aspects of the actual aircraft.

    Flight simulation enthusiasts can explore the comprehensive feature list and access the free flight manual on the product page to delve deeper into the SR-71 Blackbird simulation. The aircraft is available for purchase directly from VSkylabs’ website or through X-Plane.org for $37.00, aiming to set a new standard for accuracy and realism in SR-71 simulations across all flight simulators.

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