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Two X-plane PC's for visuals through network.


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Hi Guys,

I'm seeking for some advice here:
For my home build simulator project I'm gonna use two networked PC's running x-plane for the visuals, these PC's are connected to 2 HD projectors.
One of the X-Plane PC's I already use for a few years now, it has  fairly good specs': i7-3930K processor@3.8 GHz, ASUS P9X79 MoBo, 16 GB mem, AMD Radeon HD7970 VideoCard and it runs somewhere around 30FPS in average.
The new Computer will be connected to the existing one with a network and one of them will be the master.
I'm currenly shopping around for this new PC and found the following (possible) configuration suitable (see below):

Question I have is the following: what happens in a config where 2 X-plane PC's work in a master/slave configuration where one of the PC's is considerable faster then the other. I assume that the fastest PC will be slowed down by the slower one. So in my setup it would make no sense to invest a lot of money in a very fast new PC when it is hold up by the older slower one.
Is this assumption true?
And wouldn't it therefore be better to choose a config for the new PC that is more similair to the old one?


Mother Board ASUS Z97 PRO (Wifi ac)
Processor i7 4790K (S1150)(4GHz)

Video Card MSI GTX 970 3.5 GB

Memory DIMM DDR-3 16 GB

Processor Cooling Corsair H100i

GTX Power Supply Corsair CS650M

Harddisk Western Digital Green 2 TB

DVD drive Samsung

PC CASE Cooler Master CM 690 III 

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Hi Lizz


I have an x58 board with i7 950, clocked to 4.00 with 970 zotac for slave and a z97 with i7 4790k and r9 290x msi lighting for master. I had to up my PSU to 1250 to keep the card from blacking out. I think the answer to ya question would be NO. Go with as much as you can for your master machine, the slave will keep up. The network between the two is what is most important..


have fun


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Basically as tomcat357 said, no. The master machine will output it's visuals at the best frame rate it can, based on it's settings. It then outputs, over the network, the current state of the simulator. The slave machine then uses that data to draw it's frames, at the fastest rate it can based on it's settings. So the two machines are operating separately, based on their own rendering settings, at their own frame rate.


That build you have there looks good though.

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