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Ben Russell

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This is the evolution of "flux"... it's a Gizmo based script, scenery data is stored on Googles Servers, load balanced, distributed, the works.

If you head over to http://x-earth.appspot.com/ you can have a play with the browser half.

(Total alpha, the Google Earth Plugin is giving me a hard time about adding objects when i click the create button, sorry the video is a bit blah...)

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What you're looking at here is object placement in the browser, using Google Earth.

OBJ files can be hosted on any approved HTTP host, they are auto translated for display in Google Earth.

Position data and all object data is downloaded to the X-Plane client automatically. (single menu click for now, eventually time/distance based)

The instant you see the object available in the browser it is available for all X-Plane clients.

There are no DSF's to make.

There is no scenery pack to share.

You just fly and get objects.

Austins XPFR2010 speech covered this, some of you may have this in mind. I have videos posted on YouTube from March 2009 demonstrating a prototype of this software. You saw it here first. :)

This technology is plugin based, some things that DSF can do, this cannot. Some things that DSF can't do, we can..

Performance will be interesting to explore, I don't expect it to scale as well as Laminars scenery systems for some time, there is a price to be payed for such ease.

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