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Bell 407 in Dublin Airport

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Looks great. How much impact does this airport have on the FPS? I know a lot will depend on the system spec and rendering settings.

I took a gamble and bought this. Found the FPS was excellent, nowhere close to the horror show that Aerosofts Amsterdam file created.

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Thanks to all for feedback :)


I'm glad, for my Amsterdam is the most heavy in performance of all airports that have test, (almost all) ;) but setting "rendering options" to maximum and extreme objects, yet at times, depending on the plane if they reached 20-22 FPS more or less, depends a lot on what exactly view, scene, plugins loaded, aircraft type, configuration of rendering ...you know :) but I'm glad you reach 30 FPS, you have a good PC and Amsterdam it's a very detailed and great airport :)

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I think you don't bealive me. Here are some screens!


I use full overcast with 3 layers of CB and unlimited visibility and still 30FPS locked, for me XPX is never below 30FPS

This site compress the picture to much, it's a shame you can't see it as I see it!




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