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Hunting down a few liverys...

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Hello everybody, I have just downloaded Michael's fantastic B763 family and the XPP's great A330's family but there are a few liveries I just can't find neither here or on .org and I was wondering if somebody here could make them.

Hawaiian Airlines: A332 and B763 (WL)

LOT: B788 (payware from .org) and B763

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Here's a tip or two.

1. Don't put the same big headline banner as your sig on every fake account.

2. Change your gender from female to male.  There aren't that many 15 year old girls into flight simming, and two 15 year old girls registering in a week? Hmmm

3. Change your username to something not plane-related -  B737user, A320fan, 777been-caught-out.  Get the picture?  Call yourself Nicolas or Dave or Gordon Shumway or something, you'll blend in.

4. Learn to spell.  Both you and Erik/Patrick can't spell "liveries" properly.  In fact you both get it wrong the same way.

5. I may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but if I've rumbled you, then you can bet the more intelligent ones here will have done, too.


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