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DRM, 10.20 Beta 3, Gizmo vs SASL

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I understand that the Gizmo vs SASL conflicts have now been resolved in 10.20 Beta 3 which is very good news.

Currently I have two versions of XPlane 10.20 Beta 3 on my computer, one with the DC-3 (Gizmo aircraft) and one with other SASL aircraft. So two separate installations on the same computer, and on the same hard drive.

I would now like to try the DC-3 in my SASL installation to check that all is OK. So I have copied over the DC-3 from the Gizmo installation to the SASL installation, but I am reluctant to open it in the SASL installation yet for testing in case I hit some DRM problems with the activation. In a nutshall, am I able to run the DC-3 in two X Plane installations on the same computer/hard drive? I do not want to delete the aircraft in the Gizmo installation until I am sure the DRM side is OK.

As you can imagine it is very tedious having two separate installations and I now just want to have one but want to test firtst.

Would be grateful for some advice.

Thanks a lot



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Activation is machine specific, not X-Plane install specific. You will have no problem doing this at all.

This said, I strongly discourage copying files from one location to another. The best route for this is to start the DC-3 installer and select your SASL X-Plane install as the place to install the DC-3 to. Once you get in sim it will ask you to activate and fetch your already existing license for that machine.

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