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Vintage - Rovos Air DC-3


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File Name: Rovos Air DC-3

File Submitter: glasscockpits

File Submitted: 29 Oct 2012

File Category: Vintage

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9 & 10

Livery For: Click Here For Aircraft

The Rovos Air Douglas DC-3 (South Africa) was delivered in May of 1944. The following companies owned or leased her;

KG600 RAF Montreal– Beldex 1958 – N96U Freeport Nickel 1959 – CU-P-702 Moa Bay Mining 1959 – N702S Freeport Sulphur 1960 – International Telephone&Telegraph 1962 – G-ASDX Standard Telephone&Cables 1962 – G-AJRY 1962 – TD Keegan – Transmeridian Air Cargo 1970 - TD Keegan 1971 - ZS-PTG United Air Service, Johannesburg 1974 – Sandriver Safaris 1976 - A2-ACG Air Service Botswana 1980 - ZS-PTG United Air, Johannesburg - Wonderair, Wonderboom - Debon Air, Lanseria 1995 - ZS-CRV Rovos Air, Lanseria 2002.

The Rovos Air Delaney got it's name after a child was born on board in October 1975. The child was named Delaney and the aircraft kept the name in her honor.


Place the complete folder (Rovos Air DC-3) into your X-aviation--->Douglas DC-3--->liveries directory. On your next stratup, you should see the livery along with the others you have installed.


Click here to download this file

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