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737 N1 and N2 locked together.


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very strange, have not heard of this problem before. I looked at your log.txt and could not spot anything unusual, the one advice I would give to try and isolate this problem would be to remove (temporarily) this plugin:

Loaded: /Users/chrisn/Desktop/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/AFC_Bridge/mac_x64/AFC_Bridge.xpl (aerosoft.bridge).

[XPPython3] Starting... Logging to XPPython3Log.txt
0:00:00.000 [XPPython3 Updater] +++++ XPPython3 Updater v3.1.4 - for Python 3.10 +++++
0:00:00.000 [XPPython3 Updater] Python version is 3.10.7 / OpenSSL is OpenSSL 1.1.1q  5 Jul 2022
[XP3: XPPython3.I_PI_Updater] >>>>> A new version is available: v.3.1.4 - for Python 3.10 -> v.4.4.1.
[XP3: XPPython3.I_PI_Updater] >>>>> To upgrade: See documentation
Loaded: /Users/chrisn/Desktop/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/XPPython3/mac_x64/XPPython3.xpl (xppython3.main).

and also Marginal´s ground traffic plugin - I think this is outdated by now and not even sure it is compatible with X-Plane 12 anymore.

Let me know how that goes?

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Yeah, you might try that, although you will find that any questions about the IXEG are frowned upon on the .org - as it is a product from a competing store.

So don´t be surprised to get some hostility or your post deleted.

I have no idea what could be causing your problem, the product should work fine on Mac... and I would really like to see a video of the problem. I am uncertain of how well you know the correct procedures for the 737 and there could be half a dozen (user error) reasons why the engines won´t light up.

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40 years a LAME, Line. Full Mech licence with Avionic approvals (REI) 737-1-200.  737-3-4-500.  737 -8-900. Airbus A320 and not forgetting a million years ago, the F27. All the associated engines and APU,s of course. Annual Company Sim checks for engine runs and failures up to throwing a blade, followed by a few hours flying. Etops/Erops service Eng across the Pacific, hundreds of hours sitting in cockpits asking annoying questions!

I mention this not to show off, well maybe a bit, but to say this. The IXEG 737 works just like the real thing and flys beautifully. It is comfortably my favorite airliner in X plane. Because of this when XP12 was released I transferred a copy of it (that was tuned for XP V11) into XP12. That didn't work and I forgot about it.

Earlier today I went to XP12/Aircraft/X-Aviation......... and found both versions of the 737. I removed the V11 version and bingo all was OK. What was happening was that XP12 was loading the Classic not the Classic plus. 

Thanks for your help, and thanks for the great plane. 



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