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CTD when changing FL for waypoint in CDU


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Xplane 12.07, CL650 1.7.0.

I decided to step climb and entered new FL for one of the waypoint on the CDU LEGS page. 

Then EXEC on the white background appeared as the FL was changed for the waypoint and I pressed EXEC button to accept this change.

But EXEC message on the CDU did not disappear as it would normally. I waited some time and then pressed LSK6L CANCEL MOD after this CTD happened. 

I encountered this CTD twice already after I followed same steps each time, I think it's easily reproducible CTD. 

After the first time I encountered this issue I was able to restore my flight using automatically saved lates state, but after second time I was not able to recover from the latest saved state and started from the state called Entering Runway. 

I've attached some log files. 

Log2.txt Log1.txt

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Hi @Pils,

Here is the video 


My actions were as follows:

Enter new FL for waypoint DAVUT -> EXEC -> DELETE just entered FL -> CTD

Flight plan itself was entered manually (not via datalink) before departure.

Another question is why after I entered new FL all the previous values disappeared?

And as a side question is this normal that only restrictions speed (if they exist in selected procedure) displayed on the LEGS page but for enroute waypoints there are no speed depicted?

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