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Enable random failures for HotStart Challenger 650

Tom Stian

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Enable random failures for HotStart Challenger 650

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This LUA script enables random failures for the HotStart Challenger 650.

The script requires FlyWithLua: Download the correct version for your simulator.

FlyWithLua for X-Plane 11:
- https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/
FlyWithLua for X-Plane 12:

- Unzip the files in [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts

Settings: (edit the lua script)

-- Here you set if the failures should be default enabled or disabled when your starting up X-Plane.
-- You can also enable and disable this option (for the current session) in the FlyWithLua menu.
-- Set true to enable failures, false to disable. Default is true. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters.
EnableFailures_WizVar = true

-- Mean time between failures (MTBF) is the predicted elapsed time between inherent failures of a system during operation.
-- Default is MTBF_hours = 10.0
local MTBF_hours = 10.0

-- Max failures pr session
-- Default is Max_Failures = 2
local Max_Failures = 2

-- Severity 1 to 5. 1 least severe, 5 most severe. i.e. if you select 3, you will get failures from severity 1 to 3.
local Severity = 5

-- Clear all failures when starting x-plane. Default is false. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters.
local ClearAllFailures = false

This graph shows a example how often you can expect a failure when you set the MTBF to 10 hours.


Failures included in the script:

CL650/failures/systems/ats/failed/state Auto Throttle System has failed
CL650/failures/systems/ats/msd/1/failed/state Left ATS MSD has failed
CL650/failures/systems/ats/msd/2/failed/state Right ATS MSD has failed
CL650/failures/systems/afcs/yd/1/failed/state Yaw Damper Channel 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/afcs/yd/2/failed/state Yaw Damper Channel 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HTR_L_WSHLD_1/failed/state Left windshield heater 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HTR_L_WSHLD_2/failed/state Left windshield heater 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/R_WSHLD_1/failed/state R windshield heater 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/R_WSHLD_2/failed/state R windshield heater 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HTR_R_WIND/failed/state Right window heater has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/CABIN_TEMP_SENSE/failed/state Cabin temperature sensor has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/LDG_TAXI_LTS_R_NOSE/failed/state Right nose LDG-taxi lights has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/LDG_TAXI_LTS_R_WING/failed/state Right wing LDG-taxi lights has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HTR_L_WIND/failed/state Left window heater has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/ANTI_SKID_1/failed/state Anti-skid 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/AUTO_THROTTLE/failed/state Autothrottle has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/CABIN_TEMP_CONT_AUTO/failed/state Cabin temp ctrl (auto) has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/ANTI_SKID_2/failed/state Anti-skid 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/STAB_CH_1_HSTCU/failed/state Stab trim channel 1 ctrl has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/STAB_CH_2_HSTCU/failed/state Stab trim channel 2 controller has failed
CL650/failures/systems/iceprot/wnd_heat/1/failed/state Left window heat has failed
CL650/failures/systems/iceprot/wnd_heat/2/failed/state Left windshield heat has failed
CL650/failures/systems/iceprot/wnd_heat/3/failed/state Right windshield heat has failed
CL650/failures/systems/iceprot/wnd_heat/4/failed/state Right window heat has failed
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/strike/state Birdstrike that doesn't lead to any damage
CL650/failures/env/smoke/baggage/state Smoke in the baggage bay
CL650/failures/env/smoke/lavatory/state Smoke in the toilet
CL650/failures/systems/elec/ac/gen/1/failed/state Generator 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/ac/gen/2/failed/state Generator 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HYD_PMP_3B/failed/state Hydraulic pump 3B has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HYD_PMP_2B/failed/state Hydraulic pump 2B has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HYD_PMP_3A/failed/state Hydraulic pump 3A has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HYD_PMP_1B/failed/state Hydraulic pump 1B has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/FLAP_MOTOR_2/failed/state Flap motor 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/FLAP_MOTOR_1/failed/state Flap motor 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/HUD/failed/state Heads Up Display has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/1/pump/A/state Engine-driven pump 1A has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/1/pump/B/state AC electric pump 1B has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/2/pump/A/state Engine-driven pump 2A has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/2/pump/B/state AC electric pump 2B has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/3/pump/A/state AC electric pump 3A has failed
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/3/pump/B/state AC electric pump 3B has failed
CL650/failures/sensors/ads/pitot/3/leak_small/state Standby pitot tube is leaking pressure (inaccurate speed reading)
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/hud/failed/state Heads Up Display has failed
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/compr/stall/trans/state Left engine compressor stall (transient, self-clearing)
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/compr/stall/trans/state Right engine compressor stall (transient, self-clearing)
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/oil/pump/weak/state Left engine oil pump is producing low pressure and low flow
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/oil/pump/weak/state Right engine oil pump is producing low pressure and low flow
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/windshield/state Birdstrike that leads to the left windshield's outer pane shattering
CL650/failures/systems/aircond/leak/500/state Cabin is leaking pressure at ~500 ft/min
CL650/failures/systems/comm/sdu/1/failed/state Satellite Data Unit 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/comm/sdu/2/failed/state Satellite Data Unit 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/aux/leak/slow/state Auxiliary tank is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/main/left/leak/slow/state Left main tank is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/main/right/leak/slow/state Right main tank is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/tail/leak/slow/state Tail tank system is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/1/leak_slow/state Hydraulic system 1 is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/2/leak_slow/state Hydraulic system 2 is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/3/leak_slow/state Hydraulic system 3 is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/sensors/ads/pitot/1/leak_small/state ADC 1 pitot tube is leaking pressure (inaccurate speed reading)
CL650/failures/sensors/ads/pitot/2/leak_small/state ADC 2 pitot tube is leaking pressure (inaccurate speed reading)
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/pfd/1/failed/state PFD 1 has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/mfd/1/failed/state MFD 1 has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/mfd/2/failed/state MFD 2 has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/pfd/2/failed/state PFD 2 has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/isi/failed/state ISI has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/isi/pitot/state ISI pitot sensor has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/isi/static/state ISI static sensor has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/isi/att_fail/state ISI attitude indication has failed
CL650/failures/avionics/efis/isi/att_drift/state ISI attitude indication is drifting randomly
CL650/failures/systems/oxygen/tank/leak/slow/state Oxygen tank is leaking slowly
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/n1_vib_high/state Left engine is experiencing excessive N1 vibration
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/n2_vib_high/state Left engine is experiencing excessive N2 vibration
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/combust/flameout/trans/state Left engine combustion has flamed out (momentarily)
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/n1_vib_high/state Right engine is experiencing excessive N1 vibration
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/n2_vib_high/state Right engine is experiencing excessive N2 vibration
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/combust/flameout/trans/state Right engine combustion has flamed out (momentarily)
CL650/failures/systems/aircond/leak/1000/state Cabin is leaking pressure at ~1000 ft/min
CL650/failures/systems/ats/svo/1/failed/state Left ATS Servo has failed
CL650/failures/systems/ats/svo/2/failed/state Right ATS Servo has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/FMS_CDU_2/failed/state CDU 2 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/FMS_CDU_3/failed/state CDU 3 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/elec/comp/FMS_CDU_1/failed/state CDU 1 has failed
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/aux/leak/fast/state Auxiliary tank is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/main/left/leak/fast/state Left main tank is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/main/right/leak/fast/state Right main tank is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/fuel/tank/tail/leak/fast/state Tail tank system is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/1/leak_fast/state Hydraulic system 1 is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/2/leak_fast/state Hydraulic system 2 is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/hyd/3/leak_fast/state Hydraulic system 3 is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/oxygen/tank/leak/fast/state Oxygen tank is leaking quickly
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/compr/stall/clear/state Left engine compressor stall (clearable by reducing power)
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/compr/stall/clear/state Right engine compressor stall (clearable by reducing power)
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/pitot/left/state Birdstrike that leads to the left pitot tube becoming blocked
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/pitot/right/state Birdstrike that leads to the right pitot tube becoming blocked
CL650/failures/systems/aircond/leak/fast/state Cabin is leaking pressure quickly
CL650/failures/systems/gear/handle/failed/state Landing gear handle failed
CL650/failures/systems/gear/nose/leg/act/failed/state Nose gear leg actuator has failed
CL650/failures/systems/gear/main/left/leg/act/failed/state Left gear leg actuator has failed
CL650/failures/systems/gear/main/right/leg/act/failed/state Right gear leg actuator has failed
CL650/failures/sensors/rss/gps/1/failed/state GPS 1 receiver has failed
CL650/failures/sensors/rss/gps/2/failed/state GPS 2 receiver has failed
CL650/failures/systems/eng/left/combust/flameout/perm/state Left engine combustion has flamed out (permanently)
CL650/failures/systems/eng/right/combust/flameout/perm/state Right engine combustion has flamed out (permanently)
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/eng/left/state Birdstrike that leads to a non-recoverable left engine failure
CL650/failures/env/birdstrike/eng/right/state Birdstrike that leads to a non-recoverable right engine failure


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