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Minor remarks to version 2.0.4


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1) The animation of the throttle lever after starting the C&D plane remains in the back position until I move it above the "FLIGHT IDDLE" position. I am using Honneycomb Bravo:


Later, when the throttle levers "jump" to the positions above "FLIGHT IDDLE" everything works fine (i.e. the beta range, rev is animated correctly).


2) Thank you very much for adding the MAP lighting intensity adjustment (on the ceiling) ;-).
But now changing the position of the switch (the one below the knob) from "OFF" to "MAP" doesn't change anything.


Shouldn't the lighting  turn on only by setting the switch to the "MAP" position ?  And the knob "DIM" allowed to change the intensity of lighting ??? Or, should switching to "MAP" give maximum brightness ???
How does it look in real MU2 ???

3) sometimes there is a problem with the lack of IAS indications (when starting from the C&D state - which is mentioned in another thread and it was already in earlier versions of MU2)





AD1) I checked this situation with the Gladiator joystick.
I assigned throttle for axis number 5. And the situation is the same as in the case of Bravo (no animation after switching on C&D simulation)



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My temporary, makeshift solution:
I added two lines in the lua file:

set ("xscenery / mu2b60 / manips / L_power_lever_pull", 0.013)
set ("xscenery / mu2b60 / manips / R_power_lever_pull", 0.013)

Then, after turning on the simulation, the throttle levers move in the beta range. 

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I assume you're talking V11 yea Bulva?    I'm not reproducing it on my end....but seems that did happen to me a while back under some circumstance that I can't recall and has not happened since.  Its working for for me for the 2 cases of "gear lever up on ground" and "levers pulled to idle while airborne and gear stowed.

I'll keep an eye out still...and check the code again for anything obvious.


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Everything I am writing is about the XP11 version.

PS I checked several more times. Sometimes the Horn Cutoff button works correctly (usually on the ground), but more often its operation is ineffective (especially in flight)

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