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Cannot set NAV (and APR) mode on AP - ENBL

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I have not encountered such a case before.
MU2 - version with GNS.
At the ENBL airport (default scenery) there is a LOC (FD): 110.70 for RWY 07 or 109.35 for RWY 25.
Why, after selecting the appropriate frequency, I am not able to set the NAV (or APR) mode on the autopilot ???
After selecting a frequency, the needle on the HSI "comes to life" and works properly.

I checked the same in the C172SP and the autopilot can be easily armed in NAV (or APR) mode there.

Is this a function MU2 or some kind of bug ???

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I'll dig into this pretty quick Bulva.  Working on the AP docs today so this is good timing.  I put it on the todo list so I don't forget.   Was dealing with some family stuff last few days. 


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was a bug on my end Bulva.   I tested for the "nav type" and accounted for VOR and ILS (LOC + GS), but "LOC" is its own separate "enumeration" in X-Plane when GS not present...in the XP radio ...and I simply forgot to add that to the list of navaids to test when the NAV is pressed.  working for the 2.0.3 patch which I'm packaging up for X-A distro, pending their schedule...but at the least I plan to send it their way later today.


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