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CWS R annunciated when AP is off


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Today I found this little bug when doing an RNAV approach. I use LNAV/VS and AP was disconnected at around 1500', however I kept FD on. After landing, as the route deleted, I noticed the FMA goes V/S,FD and an amber CWS R.

Normally, while CMD is engaged, if LNAV got disengaged, CWS R would show as roll channel have retreated to CWS, but in the case of both CMD and CWS were not engaged, the CWS annunciation should not be made.

The autopilot behaivor during approach were not been CWS, only the FMA shows something not quite correct after landing

Very little problem, but Hope you can nail it in the next update run you (hopefully) are currently working on. :P


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