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problem with vulkan driver and the 96 EU Iris Xe-LP GPU - windows 10/11


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I recently bought the minisforum pc TH50. It mounts an 96 EU Iris Xe-LP Graphic card.

I know it is an integrated card but I can have good performance with XP11 at medium setting.

The problem is when I enable the Vulkan driver in the  XP settings I have lots of artifacts in the screen of the g1000 of the  SR22t VERSION 1.3

If I use OpenGL no problem but I loose 10 FPS.

I attached a screenshot so you can see. Even if I use the pop out of the G1000 the problem is the same.

I have no issues with the default cessna 172(g1000) vulkan or OpenGL

I'm using the latest driver downloaded directly from the  intel website and the latest version of XP11 on windows 11

I had the same problem with windows 10 on this machine anyway.

Do you have some advice?

Thank you very much for your help!

All the best.


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From the looks of it, the OpenGL layer while running in Vulkan is not functional with that GPU driver. You can try without Vulkan enabled and see if that fixes things, but that is an unsupported hardware arrangement on our side, so there isn't anything we can do.

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