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X-Aviation buyers to X-Aviation and ORG to ORG


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Hello all!

Recently as you maybe noticed the CRJ200 is selling in both pages.

What is happening is that people that comes from the ORG Store search and ask for support in X-Aviation because has more feedback in time with the CRJ200.

This cannot be.

The Org People have to search support in the ORG and X-Aviation in X-Aviation.

Of course everyone is free to see forums and find solutions by themselfs.. but even the plane is the same, the installers are not. So you won't find a solution for a problem in x-aviation if you come from the ORG or viceversa.

Please ORG people report in ORG JROLLON PLANES support area (inside of forum)


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To followup on this:

X-Aviation is receiving a ton of support requests via e-mail from customers who have purchased from X-Plane.org.

As much as we'd love to assist you, we cannot. As stated above, the installer platforms are different, and X-Aviation is dedicated to its own customer base. If you'd like to receive the usually fast and friendly support of X-Aviation, please purchase from there.

Thanks so much for everyone's continued enthusiasm throughout this project's release! It surely has been incredible. :(

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