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Official Hot Start Challenger 650 Paintkit


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Official Hot Start Challenger 650 Paintkit

This is the official paintkit for the Hot Start Challenger 650.

This paintkit assumes you have previous knowledge of painting in PSD (Photoshop) files and/or afphoto (Affinity Photo) files.



Upon opening the zip file containing the paintkit, you have agreed to the terms that follow.

You may do ALMOST whatever you wish with these files.  Create, share, modify, post on forums, all without restriction.

You may NOT charge money for any textures created with these files.  You may NOT sell this paintkit.  (Unfortunately, it has to be stated.)

If you choose to alter any files other than the empty layer between the Ambient Occlusion and Albedo layers, you do so at your own risk, and you do so, assuming you have made backups of the original textures.  The only layer designed for changes or additions is the layer between the AO and Albedo layers.  You may add as many empty layers as you wish, but make sure they are located between the AO and Albedo layers to achieve correct results.

The wireframe layers that are included are a guide to the areas you can paint in.  Anything outside of the wireframe is NOT to be painted on.

If there are any questions, please visit the forums at forums.x-pilot.com or our discord.

Happy painting!


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