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ixeg 737 altimeter


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Hmm - one thing I could imagine happening here is that you have "failures" enabled and suffer from a blocked static port... or some other plugin interfering with it and writing a wrong value to the dataref of the CPTs altimeter.

Or... is it not powered?

Maybe send us a screenshot? (also one of your overhead panel)?

Cheers, Jan

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I think you may be suffering some interference from another plugin or add-on. To isolate the problem you would have to remove them (temporarily) and then add them back one by one.

Also try to display the DATA OUTPUT values for altitudes on screen (small green numbers) to see what is going on.

You screenshots are too small, I can not see what your altimeter is set to, but it looks like your Kollsman window value is different in the left altimeter - they should both be set to the current airport QNH value (or 29.92 and 1013 for standard conditions).

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