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DFC90 simultaneous button support


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The DFC 90 autopilot input isn't acting like the actual airplane.  I understand for clicking a mouse the mode needs to be activated and then the arm capture button pressed sequentially.

For those of us with hardware buttons, can we have simultaneous button support so the DFC 90 acts like it does in the actual aircraft?  For example, the HDG and NAV mode buttons must be pressed simultaneously in the real plane to activate HDG and arm NAV.  Pressing HDG and then NAV in the real plane will activate heading, then deactivate heading and activate NAV.   This gets very confusing in the actual plane switching back and forth between sim and reality. 



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Has this been addressed?  RSG has released a DFC90 autopilot.  If the simultaneous button support has been updated I would consider getting it and selling the GFC500 that is in my console.  This would give me a very accurate representation of my cockpit in my SR22



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Thank you for adding this to the updated release.  I have a RSG Entegra console with a garmin 500.  The simultaneous IAS and ALT, VS and ALT seem to work as expected.  I will be swapping the Garmin 500 for a RSG DFC90 in the near future and I will let you know how accurate it is to the actual one in my SR22 

I have not had any issues so far with update release.



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