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AviTab selection


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Is it possible to select only the pilot side tablet (visible) and turn off the co-pilot side (hidden)? Or vice versa if you're flying from the right seat. I see there is power/tilt options currently.

If not, a kind future suggestion to have a click spot (or menu option) to show/hide the tablet of your choice would be welcomed. 

My apologies if this has already been asked, a quick search did not return any results. 

Thank you for your time.

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No problem, makes sense.

I just find it frustrating when I'm doing all the piloting work and I look over and my co-pilot is just sitting there watching videos on his EFB! :P

Seriously though, I don't know if it would make a difference in rendering, but it might save a few cpu/gpu cycles... or not.

Would just be a "nicety" not a "necessity" for this wonderful aircraft.

Thanks for providing an explanation.



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