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No clouds with SkyMaxx 4.9.6 on X-Plane 11.55


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I tried to reinstall Skymaxx, RWC, Rizmo but the clouds are still off when I switched the SkyMaxx plugin on.

Otherwise the standard X-Plane clouds are there according to the settings I made.

Any idea, or does SkyMaxx 4.9 not support the current X-Plane version anymore?

Find enclose my log file.


Tanks for help!



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  • Michael_HH changed the title to No clouds with SkyMaxx 4.9.6 on X-Plane 11.55

I'm sure you already did this, but be sure that RWC is set to "FSGRW / ASXP / External Injector"

There are a few settings in ASXP that need to be set - from the RWC manual:


When using Active Sky XP, be sure to configure X-Plane as described in the ASXP documentation. In the ASXP application, under Options / Simulator Depiction options, you should find a “Use SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode” option in recent versions of ASXP. Be sure this is enabled. Weather in X-Plane should be set to “from custom METAR (rwx) file” pointing to the METAR.rwx file, not “match real world conditions,” when using ASXP. You should not use ASXP’s “global static” mode with SkyMaxx Pro.

You might also want to turn off the  "never change visible weather" in RWC. Sometimes ASXP won't send weather data to X-Plane right away, and so SkyMaxx Pro starts off with clear skies because ASXP didn't send over new weather fast enough. If "never change visible weather" is on, then it will just stay that way until you fly out of the area.

You can also use the option in the SkyMaxx Pro menu to force a weather refresh if you think that might be what's going on.

Also, if you were using FSGRW previously at some point, make sure there isn't a fsgrwsmp.rwx file left over in your X-Plane folder. If so, it will interfere with the operation of ASXP. Delete that file if it's there.

Odds are it's one of those things.

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