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CTD after upgrading to 5.1


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Yesterday on first run, it crashed with a Gizmo64 out of video memory.  Today just hung on starting the flight. Something to do with gizmo64 but that topic doesn't have a support topic so here I am!


After changing to 2D and doing the activation, it now seems fine.  Seems to be a problem there with doing the activation in VR.



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VR uses much more video memory, so my guess would be that you simply really are running out of it. SkyMaxx Pro might be pushing it over the edge.

I'd try reducing your resolution and/or anti-aliasing settings as a first step, or reducing the cloud draw area setting in SkyMaxx Pro. Switching between volumetric and non-volumetric cloud types might also help. Anything you can do to reduce VRAM usage a bit.

I can't speak to the Gizmo error you pasted in though. If you don't get a response on that here I'd try posting in the Software section.

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