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Autopilot became unresponsive

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After dozens of flight today experienced a weird issue.

The autopilot suddenly did not follow the flight director. The flight director moved properly but the the aircraft just flew straight.

From the half of the flight I had to fly it manually following the flight director.

What caused this? No failures, nothing. No clue.

Thanks for help.


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Of course, I tried a couple of times.

I have 100 hours flight time with this bird, I know it very well.

This was definitely a problem, I never experienced this before.

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The issue is there is nothing in the TBM that will spontaneously fail a system, unless it's wear and tear.  And wear and tear is recorded through the TBMlog.txt file, which is then passed on to the maintenance manager.  

Do you have any external hardware connected?

Failing that, the only thing I can think of to fix this is to create a new airframe.  But I would rather try to avoid that.

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I am having the same problem intermittently.  I have a trim button configured on my joy stick which works perfectly, but when I engage the autopilot, while it has some level of vertical control through the elevator, it makes no elevator trim adjustment.  I can manually move the trim wheel to compensate and keep the vertical control within range of the elevator servo, but if it gets outside a very small window, the autopilot will not properly match the flight director.  Everything behaves normally when the auto pilot is disengaged.  There are no failed systems in the maintenance manager.

Note this problem does not occur on every run of the program, and it can be checked before flight by engaging the autopilot and seeing if the elevator trim moves. If it doesn't I will restart the program and generally that fixes it.  This is an issue I have only had since the update to v1.1.13.  I am running X-plane 11.534 (build 115301 64 bit ) on a MacBook Pro with Metal enabled

I have not noticed if rudder trim is affected, but I think it is working normally.

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