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FSC Semi Pro Throttle (non motorized) interfacing with Ixeg


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Hi all,

New here (on the forum) and very happy with the Ixeg.

I am from the Netherlands and I have saved up for quite some time to extend my home setup with hardware.

I am very happy with the Midwest CP-Flight driver, and slowly extending with CP Flight hardware.

My next project would be a throttle. I have come across the FSC Semi Pro (non motorized) throttle. I am potentially interested in buying this unit.

They provide an XP11 driver based on Xfsuipc. I have some bad experience / interference with this plugin, so actually i am a bit reluctant to use this.

I have found a driver based on LUA script for the Zibo & stock 737. 


I do not think this will work with the Ixeg straight away, but in the comments of this plugin they refer to the possibility of "adjusting" the script to use with potentially any aircraft in XP11.

I am quite okay on the hardware side, but my programming skills are not there I am afraid.

My question is; has anyone experience with the FSC throttle and can point me in the right direction to alter the script or has something available maybe?


Many thanks!


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Hi William,

I really have no experience with that - but I can offer the advice that some versions of FSUIPC are not compatible with the IXEG - they make the throttle not responsive. But some are...

We offer the functionality to assign each thrust lever to a separate throttle axis.

Cheers, Jan


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Thanks very much for the quick reply Jan.

All clear.

The good thing looks to be that there is a script for the stock 737 in xp11. below a copy of a fraction of the code. in my logic, if I replace the dataref referring to the stock 737 in xp11, to the correct dataref of the Ixeg, it should theoratically work, right? or is this a to simple thought process:

              FIND CUSTOM DATAREFS                                  **--

B738DR_parking_brake_pos       = find_dataref("laminar/B738/parking_brake_pos")
B738DR_ann_parking_brake       = find_dataref("laminar/B738/annunciator/parking_brake")


I need to replace the bold text parts to the right dataref of the Ixeg.

the provided script allready has all datarefs available to talk to the throttle, I "just" need to be able to map them to the Igex dataref. At least, I think that is how it works.

I attached the stock 737 lua file as well, this would be the complete script.



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Again, I am unfortunately not an expert on these things. We use the basic, default datarefs for throttle and other controls (brake, speedbrake, flaps, etc.) interaction, though - so theoretically there should be no problem interfacing with our 737 if it works on the default one.

Cheers, Jan


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Thanks Jan. I agree, this should be achievable!

many thanks.

although not quite there yet, I’ll report back here in due course, just to let know how it worked out.

your rendition of this classic jet got me totally hooked. Outstanding masterpiece.


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