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v1.6.4 - Power Lever Auto-Latch: OK but precision...


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I just tested v1.6.4. Many thanks for your work. I allow myself to specify for those who discover the SaaB 340A.

The Lever Auto-Latch in AUTO mode: allows just after the touch down to bring the throttles to reverse.

With Auto-Latch in MANUAL mode: just after touch down, the throttle must be on IDLE or higher. There, first you have to activate the Lever Auto-Latch (keyboard shortcut : "les / sf34a / acft / engn / mnp / Right & Left Power Lever Flight Idle Latch") then bring the throttles to REVERSE.

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Thanks for the info. Thinking about this with Honeycomb Bravo, would this work? Bravo has buttons which are "pressed" when power levers are full pulled down (buttons 9 & 10). Configure them as "flight idle latch left and right" so when you pull levers fully down, max reverse is engaged? The problem is that when you press levers down, buttons are pressed all the time. Some things go up and down then...I will test this, but can't currentely.

After reading this I hope this makes sense lol

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