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Saab 340A v1.6 - Bugs That Are Not Bugs and Misc Info

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We suggest you do not use the EFM. We never know when Austin will add new things to the EFM, which may cause issues.  Therefore, it is our recommendation that you do not use the EFM and only use the current stable release of X-Plane.  That being said, you are free to experiment and try it as you wish.



There seems to be some confusion on how this is implemented.

We have provided two (2) options (selectable in user preferences).

1) Use Tiller Checked (ON)  - This allows you to use the in-cockpit tiller (manipulator) to steer.

2) Use Tiller Unchecked (OFF) - This allows for mouse/hardware steering.

In addition... steering is only available when the following criteria are met:

    • On the ground (WOW)
    • Hydraulic PSI >= 1500
    • Aircraft is moving
    • Tiller is engaged (depressed)



This was incorrectly modeled in previous versions of the Saab.  It is not meant to "sync" the A/P bug with the aircraft heading.  The actual functionality is as follows :

"The system contains a quick heading slave function, which by means of a push button, slaves the magnetic heading related to present flux detector readout."

Since X-Plane now accurately simulates gyroscopic drift and flux_detector errors, that functionality is now modeled correctly.



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