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Constant switching between a set season and default setting


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Hi there,

Few days ago I have purchased TerraMaxx. I was using it for only one day just fine, it then happened, though, that at the start of the next day, when I set the season to 'Winter' it then switched back (after like one second after having finished loading that season) to 'Default setting'. After it has finished doing that it once again started loading the 'Winter' season and that the whole time. The only way I have found so far was to quit X-Plane through the task manager.

It started happening out of nowhere.

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5 hours ago, sundog said:

That's bizarre. Maybe your settings are somehow corrupt; try deleting the settings.dat file in Resources/plugins/TerraMaxx and see if that helps. If not, it may be time to re-install.

Funnily, mentioned file hasent ever been there - until I fired up the sim with the FF 320 after which it seemed to have appeared. Will check if that worked and report back.

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