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SMP with ASXP and RWC- no weather updating

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Using SMP 4.96.2 and RWC 1.1 together with latest ASXP  
In SMP plugin, RWC is set to FSGRW /ASXP external injector and ASXP is set to use SMP depiction mode. Global static is disabled.
XP is set to use custom metar.rwx file. This file gets updated by ASXP but weather is kept the same, not changing no matter what different weather I choose in ASXP.
With FSGRW weather is changed according to changes in FSGRW. Please help!
With Never selected in SMP weather is updated

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16 hours ago, sundog said:

Do you have "never change visible weather" selected in the RWC settings? That might be preventing new weather from being displayed if so.

You can also try using the "force weather reload" option in the SkyMaxx Pro menu to see if that picks up the new weather.


"Never change visible weather" is not selected. "Force weather reload" does not help.

Strangely with FSGRW (another external injector) weather gets updated. So all the settings for "communication" are properly selected. With ASXP it doesn't work.

It works only  when option NEVER is selected  in RWC. But with this, RWC is inactive, thus, no advanced options (smoothing, multiple cloud  types) are applied.

Could you test for me that it is truly working with all the latest stuff?  Maybe not too many people are using this combo. 

When I change the weather in ASXP I can see that metar.rwx gets updated and that clouds are reset but they gradually grow and  return to last state (not the new one)

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Oh hang on, I know what this is.

The problem is that you're using both FSGRW and ASXP. If SkyMaxx Pro sees data from FSGRW it will use it first, but of course ASXP is not updating the FSGRW data that was last written.

If FSGRW left a fsgrwsmp.rwx file in your X-Plane folder, you'll need to manually delete it before switching to ASXP.



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