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SR22 with Realsimgear Perspective

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18 hours ago, RequestDenied said:

Just set this up.  Since I don't need cockpit instruments on the main monitor, I tried to run x-plane with internal view, no-instruments. This has the effect of disabling the realsimgear input buttons/knobs.  Is there a way around that?  Thanks.  

X-Plane does not allow panel texture drawing (how we draw the G1000) in non 3D cockpit views. We have put in a request to Laminar Resarch to allow us to override this, but we are unsure if that will get changed. We are also looking into various other ways to allow this to happen.

In the meantime, placing the camera view above the dashboard looking out the window in the 3D cockpit view is the best course of action. 


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