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Machine ID Locked after even creating another user and buying the aircraft again

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Hello to all the X-aviation team,

My name is Juan, and Im a user from X-aviation since a couple years ago, when I was living in Colombia, I moved to the United States one year ago and Ive been enjoying your products for a long time, a couple weeks ago I had to write my first ticket to X-aviation due to an ID locked condition of my account so all the products are not working anymore, I didnt have any response on that ticket so I decided to come over here.

I like your products and they are almost my favourite aircraft out there so naturally I dont want to loose them. The ID locked condition came from repetitive updates from windows that I had to roll back due to be having problems with my simulator... and It asked me several times to authorize and deauthorize a machine, so at a point I finished up deauthorizing my own machine blocking all my aircraft. I wrote a ticket for reactivation or help but I had no response for over 2 weeks, I tried to ask my cousin, which is in Colombia, and is a pilot as well, to try installing one of the aircraft, to see if the account was permanently locked and for him it worked, and he has my licenses, hurray for him hahahaha.

So I created a new username, and a new account and bought two of the aircraft I used to have, and reinstalled everything, in this case when I reinstalled and activated my aircraft again, it still shows my machine as locked, I dont know what to do! I want to be able to have the aircraft, and I paid for them again... and is not working either way. :(


Any way to help me?


kind regards, and thanks for the help,



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