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  1. Hello guys, love your products, but I this happened when I updated windows, I dont know which one I should delete, because all of them are on my computer, this came out when updated my windows to the latest update today, actually every time I update windows this appear, any help? thank you very much, Juan
  2. Hello to all the X-aviation team, My name is Juan, and Im a user from X-aviation since a couple years ago, when I was living in Colombia, I moved to the United States one year ago and Ive been enjoying your products for a long time, a couple weeks ago I had to write my first ticket to X-aviation due to an ID locked condition of my account so all the products are not working anymore, I didnt have any response on that ticket so I decided to come over here. I like your products and they are almost my favourite aircraft out there so naturally I dont want to loose them. The ID locked cond
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