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Elec Bus issue after shutdown

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Hi guys,

Since updating to 1.31,1.32 and now 1.33 ive noticed that after shutdown and switching from APU to GPU the left bus "Bus Off" light illuminates and the electrics are solely operating on the right hand side.  To keep things running ok it appears I have to leave things running on the APU.

However..when starting up from cold and dark, things seem to work normally.


Also, the view from the left hand seat is not in line with the yoke.

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Hi guys,

yes, this is a known bug - it is caused by a computational issue with the gizmo code and will be fixed with the next gizmo version.

For now just use the APU to power both buses - or accept the left bus being offline, it does not power any critical systems that you would need during turnaround (some fuel pumps, etc.)

The default view is not lined up with the yoke because it is adjusted to give you best visibility of as much of the instrument panel as possible. If you prefer it to be lined up differently you can either (easy) set a new position in X-Plane and save it to "custom view" (CTRL-Numpad) or you can adjust the viewpoint in planemaker.

I take the liberty to provide this link to the "bug reports" section, where exactly this issue was already discussed:


Cheers, Jan


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