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Crash Bar & Electrical System


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I'm looking for deeper understanding of the Crash Bar Lever. When on the ground and nothing else is connected to the electrical and following the checklist, you raise the crash bar. This has the effect of powering on the backup AHRS and G1000 display 1. The CAS message "BAT OFF" is displayed which means the main bus is powered by something other than the Battery.

Question: Does raising the Crash Bar actually power an ESS BUS allowing the G1000 and AHRS to turn on? I see the next checklist item from the Daher manual is "ATIS COPIED". You wouldn't be able to do this if the G1000 and radios weren't connected. Can someone verify this for me?

I've seen another TBM model for a flight simulator where raising the crash bar does nothing until you select batteries on, which I think is incorrect.


TBM Electrical Diagram.jpg

TBM Battery.jpg

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