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Can´t activate my Licence anymore SkyMAxx..no answer from support

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i am waiting more than 3 days now to get an helpful answer. I have ordered once skymaxx pro. But i did not use it because its not working in VR.

Now they have updated it. I downloaded it, typed in my login details. Then a window in Xplane11 pop up.

PLease enter licence information.

I typed in my same informations.

Now it says, License is already used my other user.


And why isnt the support answering? 

Anyone can help me?


You can delete it. i will buy

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Never mind, I just came across your ticket. Furthermore, contrary to what you stated here, you did not wait more than the 3 day timeline.

You were found to be using aircraft from an account that does not belong to you. Until you purchase those products, we will not be assisting in this matter.

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The account in question had both the TBM and IXEG on it.

Deleting will not work for me. I would not call activating in 2019 as "completely new to X-Plane".

There was actually another account you tried to activate on as well, but it didn't work back in 2019.

Please don't attempt to act or play innocent here. It's indisputable and very obvious, so I will not fall for anything but the truth.

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What is TBM and what is IEXG`? Can you send the link to it?

For now i only have 4 Planes which i bought and in my new xplane11.

Twin Otter

Eclipse 550

Citation Cessna II

Aerobask Fokker

Send me the link i will buy it



And yes i have xplane for longer time but had no time to fly :-(

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