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  1. ok, can you read your email. then we can write there or in private..thx
  2. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/index.php/aircraft-c-21?filter_id=36&sort=6a https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-tbm-900-p-158 are this?
  3. What is TBM and what is IEXG`? Can you send the link to it? For now i only have 4 Planes which i bought and in my new xplane11. Twin Otter Eclipse 550 Citation Cessna II Aerobask Fokker Send me the link i will buy it Thx And yes i have xplane for longer time but had no time to fly :-(
  4. hello, which one is it? I am completly new to xplane. I will buy this or delete it. Thx you
  5. Hello, i am waiting more than 3 days now to get an helpful answer. I have ordered once skymaxx pro. But i did not use it because its not working in VR. Now they have updated it. I downloaded it, typed in my login details. Then a window in Xplane11 pop up. PLease enter licence information. I typed in my same informations. Now it says, License is already used my other user. Why? And why isnt the support answering? Anyone can help me? You can delete it. i will buy
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