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Hi, I like the combination of SkyMaxxPro 4.9.3, RWC and FSGRW very much. I think it's the best combination for real weather, cloud look, color etc. at all.

But..., unfortunately I very often notice that a diffuse kind of cloud layer or "fog" are performed although the FSGRW and transfered rwx file in X-Plane 11.50b9

it dosn't indicate it. For example a FMC supported test flight from EDDV to EDDH. Few clouds injected by FSGRW in a high of 32.872ft in relation to X-Plane settings

automatically by weather engine FSGRW,RWC and SkyMaxxPro (s.please attachment), but although a fog or diffuse cloud layer from about 9000ft until 20500ft during CLB.

Above and below a "normal" sight with few clouds. After CRZ level during DES the "fog" went away about in a altitude of 18000ft.  Unfortunately I watch this "fog" layer very often during flights  and it

didn't match to the cloud cover/layer.

b738 - 2020-05-17 17.25.26.png



b738 - 2020-05-17 17.29.58.png

b738 - 2020-05-17 17.25.34.png

b738 - 2020-05-17 17.30.02.png


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Looking at what FSGRW is providing your visibility is at 7 meters which is odd giving the weather conditions.  We do not touch how X-Plane handles visibility we also do not touch the fog layer.

What I think you are seeing here is a result of how X-Plane presents low visibility and an error in the METAR that FSGRW fetched.  If the visibility were to fall to 7M typically the cloud cover would match and you wouldn't get that strange  result.  

@sundog Please correct me if I am wrong.....

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14 hours ago, CirrusPilot825 said:

I have noticed the exact same thing on occasion when using FSGRW. It also occurs without Skymaxx Pro and at altitudes  where you wouldn’t expect fog. Must be a bug in FSGRW.

Right -  the "fog" seen here is coming directly from visibility reported to us via X-Plane, which in turn comes from FSGRW. You could try temporarily disabling SkyMaxx Pro (the "SilverLining" plugin in your plugin admin) or change our sky colors to "default" - if the problem persists, then it's not originating within SMP.

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