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CRJ-200 livery requests - Post here!

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Lets start a thread for liveries we'd like to see made for the CRJ.  I have no idea how to make one (though I'd like to learn), but maybe I'll let the pros handle it for now:

US Airways (an obvious one!)


Independence Air (defunct but a great paint job)


Go! Airways


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I'd love to see a fictional Fedex one. I know they use to fly little jets, and it would be neat.

They still do under the name of Fedex Express leasing corp. Mostly flying BD700s and Lear45s but the liveries are hidious and thats being kind ;)  My vote for the US Airways Express of course

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I really craving, a  J-AIR,  voted for it ages ago, didn't make the cut. So surprised the Belarus one got more votes.

Anyhow that's Democracy. Ibex Airlines is another Japanese Airline flies with CRJ200.

Tyrolean Airways, Definitely flying around Innsbruck is still a fav for me.

Happy Days.

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I would love to have a more business aviation like livery. I know, it's "officially" the CRJ2 and not the CL850, but the differences are not significant (except the interior and some minor revisions).

Here're some nice pics of the CL850 version of the CRJ:

Standard white paint:


Bombardier house colors:


... one more in VisaJet corporate painting:


And finally the interior (only for your eye candy and not to be requested)


Nice eh?!  8)

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I am not him.. but would tell you..... Export - test - fail - move pixels - export - fail - move a little more pixels... until it is well seamed.

Anyway.. I will include in 1.1 version the 3D files to open them with photoshop cs4 or cs5 complete. That way you only have to project the texture and it will make the cuts for you correctly.

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