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Active sky and RWC

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Make sure "never change visible weather" is off in the RWC settings, and worst case you can try changing some setting inside of SMP, like "cloud area covered", a tiny bit just to force it to reload the clouds. It might be a timing issue where ASXP sent its data after SMP already set up the scene.

If you're still not seeing the weather you expect, we'll need to know more details - where you are flying, and your log.txt and any metar files that are in your X-Plane folder at the time.

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Your metar.rwx file is completely empty; there is no weather information in it for SMP/RWC to work with.

I think there might be some sort of setup issue with ASXP going on, or perhaps it emptied out the metar.rwx file before you copied it. Try copying the metar.rwx file during your flight for us, and we'll also need to know where you were flying.

Might be a good idea to check that you can see weather with ASXP when SMP and RWC are disabled. Get ASXP working first, then introduce SMP/RWC.

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