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Does TerraMaxx have snow, based on elevation and region?


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The current version bases its automatic season selection on rules based on latitude, longitude, date, and temperature. Since altitude is highly variable within a scene, and we can only load one "season" at a time, we don't use it directly - but there should be some correlation between altitude and temperature. TerraMaxx works by replacing X-Plane's built-in land textures, so if X-Plane has classified a mountain peak as being in a permanent snowfield, that will still be honored. We work with X-Plane's terrain classification instead of replacing it.

We wouldn't represent winter in the jungle the same way as winter in the Alps, because the jungle would be at too low a latitude and too high a temperature for our "deep winter" season. Of course, TerraMaxx allows you to manually force whatever season you want, and we won't stop you if you choose to do that.


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