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Heavy Metal - IXEG Boeing 737-300 Classic - Canadian North


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IXEG Boeing 737-300 Classic - Canadian North

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Canadian North 737-300s, originally by Veace, updated by me.

This one comes in two variants, a full passenger version, and a version that has a Combi door applied to the side of the fuselage.  It's obviously just for aesthetics (and the combi door texture is by Shenherm, so thanks to him for making it/letting me use it!)

C-GCNZ is the passenger variant
C-GZCN is the combi variant.  For realism, you wouldn't use the winglets on this, as they don't have them.

I've updated and fixed some little inaccuracies, such as the flags, the logo placement (for these particular airframes, where Veace had it for his registration was accurate), added fin numbers to the tail and nose gear doors, painted the winglets, added the barber pole colours to the antennae, and a couple more little things.  I didn't touch the swoopy pattern by Veace, as my talent for that kind of thing pales in comparison to his. 

There are some inaccuracies, such as the doors all being the same colour, and no registration under the wing, since I'm limited by the IXEG model.  

I've also included an accurate Canadian North Yoke Checklist, which is the B733_nolit.png file.  That one has to go in your IXEG 733 Classic/objects folder, and it will overwrite any other file in there, as well as give that checklist to every 733 in your fleet.  So use at your discretion.

If there's anything else that you think could be added, PM me on the org!

- FishermanIvan


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