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DC-3 XP11 compatibility??


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I notice that the most recent installer for this product (being version 1.4) clearly states that it is only for X-Plane 10.

Does this mean that there are issues using this product under X-Plane 11?

If it does have issues under X-Plane 11 will there be any compatibility patch released?


Thank you.

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It hasn't been thoroughly tested in XP11 to say it will work correctly.  Many people have stated it DOES work in XP11, but we can not officially support it, so run it in XP11 at your own risk.  

There is an update being worked on at the moment, but it is a re-work of almost the entire aircraft and it is XP11 ONLY.  

It will be a payware update, and people who have purchased the original, XP10 version, will be entitled to a generous discount for the XP11 dedicated version.

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On 3/20/2018 at 12:32 PM, Goran_M said:

I'll see about posting some images on the DC3 forums here, sometime in the near future.

Hey Goran, it´s been  nearly 1,5 years since your last post about the DC 3. Ist this beauty still in progress? Can we fly this thing in the nearly future?



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