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Does anybody made this bad experience at X-Aviation Support?

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Hello Guys,

I'm a big flight sim enthusiast like you, too.

I bought a lot Addons and when I had no keys or something like that, it was no problem to reset this.

But now I have a problem with the X-Aviation Support. I can't download the IXEG B737, because I have no more downloads. 

But I requested 2 Times in 8 weeks and they didn't responsed. This is not really a good support. 

Made someone the same experience? What can I do?

I hope this is the right corner in this forum to put this thread in. 


Greets Max


P.S. My english is not very good because I'm from Germany, sorry for that

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Hi Max,

I've just had a look through the support ticket system and aside from a support ticket we helped you solve last year, the only thing we have is the very subject you're talking about now from about one hour earlier than you made this post. 

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