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First of all a BIG thank you for the amazing job the team has made to bring us the incredible 737-300 with all it's bells and whistles and providing us with a paint kit to develop accurate liveries,  Is by far the best plane I ever had. 
I have been busy making a few liveries of my favourite airlines and have come up with some minor glitches in the UV mapping that do not match the paint kit wireframe. I use the wireframe a lot for accuracy, but no mater how hard I try to make them perfect, there are some spots where the UV mapping doesn't match and adds little glitches that kind of ruin the work. I am sure you have noticed the little ribs on the nose cone. But I just came up with one near the first window from the back, where I'm trying to make a smooth curve across the door and just above the window as is in the real 737-700 (is a fictional livery, but bare with me. I really like the plane and the airline :) ) 
I attached two images: The first one is from Photoshop and the second from Plane Maker. Is a work in Progress and still need to sharpen the line's edges and adjust to match the curvature of the model. I think I am not going to release this last one I'm working on, atlas for the time being. Will continue working on it and will release if the issue is fixed.
I know you guys are working hard and have a huge list of fixes and additions for future updates, but if you could find the time to fix this minor imperfections it would be greatly appreciated.

glitch 2.jpg


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