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ETNZ AC72 (prototype) 1.0.0

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ETNZ AC72 - X-Plane Prototype

This is my initial go at making the hydro-foiling AC72 catamaran, three of which featured in the last America's Cup in San Francisco, two of which were of the same design which I have modelled in X-plane. 

A rundown of features: 

  • Fully tacking model, even with a crew (in this case Dean Barker and his team) that cross the boat.
  • Onboard view, you can look from the helm's point of view in 3d cockpit mode. 
  • Full hydro-foiling capability, though you need to take the steering slow.
  • Average flight speed of 35kts, the average speed of these boats. 
  • Custom sounds to make the experience realistic
  • Two liveries, respective to the two teams who used this design: ETNZ and Luna Rossa

Be Warned: Last year when I made this model, I got it tested on other computers, and it did not tack properly. Something to do with the dataref issue and how my objects were attached. It worked fine for me however. If there is an issue and you can use Planemaker, and have a try fixing the angles of gear retraction until it works. You don't need my permission to re-release an improved version, it's barely a finished model, and deserves more attention. I expect this model to work in V10, however I have only tested this in V9.

Unfortunately I made a far more detailed model but it is currently locked in a hard-disk of a failed iMac. Give it a try though!


Given that this might be my last upload to X-Plane for a while, I would like to say that X-Plane has been one of the greatest tools in learning my passions during my adolescent years. My first release in 2009, an embarrassing attempt at making a supersonic jet, got me hooked on messing about with the simulator in spare time. I asked dad to use his adobe software to make textures, and I soon learned about basic flight and what it takes to make aircraft as well as how to make paints. 

Through the process of painting, designing and thinking about my planes, I developed a skill and passion for graphic design and engineering. I am now putting the things I learned to the test in real life, as I am midway through building my personally designed hydro-foiling high performance skiff, as well as taking on graphic design jobs as I finish my final year of school. Without X-plane, I'm sure I would not have had the confidence or experience to do these things as well as I do today.

Thanks to the community for their support over the years, and although the detail in professional models is hard to beat in X-Plane 10, don't be discouraged to fiddle about with X-Plane! It could teach you heaps. 

Enjoy your sailing! 




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