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Daher TBM 950 Concept Beta 0.0.5

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This is my first aircraft, it is still in beta. The prop has 10 blades. Performance is similar, but more efficient than a TBM 940 (at least it will be in the final payware version). Since I'm on a Mac, and preview is TOTALLY USELESS for picture editing, please consider donating a livery. Also it doesn't have bugs that could crash your computer, it is just not complete. In the current version, the only systems are yoke, throttle, and rudder. There is no 3d or 2d panel. Also the current version is tested (if you want to be a tester for untested versions, message me and with every new untested update, I will send you the latest untested file)and uses way less cpu than the average aircraft. It also doesn't have any dangers towards your computer, like crashing it or crashing X-Plane. It dives alot no matter how much elevator control you give, So all it is good for at the moment is a good dive. It doesn't spawn on the runway correctly, though the spawning problem is not caused by the plane. If you can fix the diving problem or spawning problem, message me and you will get credit.


Note: I'd like to create an X-Plane 10 and 9 version, so if anyone can help me do this, please message me.



- Plane can't do anything except for dive (If you know what is causing this, please fix it and send me the updated acf

- Plane is hard to control

- Control surfaces are very small


Link to development thread: 

  New thread: 


  Old thread: 

My YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_ui3Zwf4CLKRvD9fsMUag/

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What's New in Version 0.0.5   See changelog


Made nose section look more like a TBM 9xx series.


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