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By 98Aerospace

The team welcomes you back to fly another of our brilliant line of experimental aircraft, this time, 98Aero is under new management! But before we talk about that, let us tell you about the aircraft..

The Teknetium (Tech-net-ie-um) is very much a multi purpose aircraft, designed for not only recreational and sport flying, but also operational flying in the force, postage shipping, carrier work (army versions fitted with guns are not yet planned, but expected) and a whole lot of other useful operational uses. After posting the Aerohawk UAV, the team found that stable and agile aircraft pleased the X-Plane users, so the Teknetium is a second aircraft that is built to fly beautifully.

Aircraft characteristics:

STOL: When taking off, it will not take long to lift off the ground. Note that the high angle of attack from the low tail on the ground will force the aircraft to lift into a backflip once off the ground. A simple and easy way to prevent this is to push foward on the stick and level out. Easy.

LEVEL FLIGHT: When flying straight, it will not have any tendencies to lift or drop, it will just fly straight. Take your hand off the stick, and it will fly straight. It is a pleasure to fly.

SIMLE COCKPIT: Easy to read and not full of excess things. A simple autopilot, PFD, engine controls, that is it.

MASSIVE DETAIL: This aircraft is full of smooth and great looking detail that has been crafted by our most prominent 3D modellers. Extending flap struts for the slotted flap, nicely done landing gear, high detail engines, high resolution textures... all included.

INTERESING SHAPE: Always a trademark of the team at 98, this aircraft tests a unique wing shape and excels in the most modern aerospace engineering format.

New management:

The team have reformed into a more organised group, following a halt in production a few months back. We now name a new group leader and are looking for some enthusiastic new employees:

The 98Aerospace team so far:

  • Nick Kuiper (Clod Slayer): Head of development and main modeller.
  • Hamish Hall-Smith (Hampster): Main texture artist and detail consultant.

If you are interested in a spot in our group, please send us a message via our profile and tell us what you are good at, and we'll acommodate you if you are useful to our operation.

Enjoy your enhanced X-Plane experience.

The team at 98Aerospace.


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