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  1. JetCar98


    By 98Aerospace

    Just imagine the boneville speed week, inside a tent on the salt, wheeling out 98Aerospace's best ground vehicle yet... I present to you the Jet Car.
    It is basically an axle with a rocket strapped to it, and it sure goes fast, how fast can you go?
    This was Hambones entry to the 98Aerospace three week competition.
    Enjoy! - The 98Aerospace team.




  2. Nova98


    By 98Aerospace

    The nova is a small one person homebuild kitset aircraft. With two central five bladed props and nimble performance, the Nova will meet your everyday needs as a small acf. Made out of the ply box technique and composite molds, it is a very sturdy and fun plane to fly. It is impossible to fit two people in, as this plane is smaller that a Cessna 172. It also uses the same prop system as a fantrainer.
    As this plane if mildly unstable in parts, follow theese tips:
    When going into a steep dive, throttle to Idle.
    Land at 60 kts.
    Takeoff at 80kts.
    This was hamburgers entry to the 98Aerospace's three week competition.
    Enjoy! - the 98Aerospace team.




  3. SkyDelta98


    The team at the 98Aerspace lab have thought long and hard on how to create the best X-plane experience possible for their aircraft users, and have gone out of the box, way out, to give you an aircraft that looks good, but also has the most advanced systems and materials in the world. SkyDelta One, our second prototype next-gen fighter has just left the production hangar. Its predecessor, the DeltaWing98, had systems that were simple and fit well around the pilot, the SkyDelta One has brought this to a next-level basis so much that it peaks even the highest scales on aircraft capability.
    Lab workers, have refined, and refined again to give you an aircraft that has:
    A massive, though eco freindly afterburning engine,
    Low vortex wingtips and supersonic airfoils,
    Advanced pilot systems including wide view of runway when flared at landing,
    Non wear tyers and low maintainence systems.
    Weapons include a few missiles and a gatling gun.
    Thank you to everybody who have already downloaded our hard work, we hope you enjoy our aim for an enhanced X-Plane experience.
    - The 98Aerospace Team




  4. SkySport98


    After strapping gutsy test pilots into our work-in-progress aircraft for months now, we though that they needed a bit of luxury, so we designed a leasurely and fun, single seat stunt / sport biplane to take the ease off the job.
    The result was so spectacular, we decided to share it to you for you to enjoy aswell! Originally designed as a test aircraft for the latest XSTOL technology, this Biplane is very lighweight, with a fuselage built out of an Epoxy / Carbon / Chevlar sandwich. Our airfoil researchers have found the perfect airfoil shape to take advantage of the aircrafts' powerfull 315 Hp radial engine, and our designers at the 98' shop have found a way to make a stable wing system that doesn't require wire bracing. We have also teamed up with Ferrari to taylor make our leather cockpit seating and dash panel, and Avidyne to supply the systems for our deluxe PFD glass display.
    The SkySport has been made ready so it can be entered into the RENO air races, and has been given a nimble flight characteristic for optimum performance. It can fly at the lowest speed of 25 Kts, and max of 200, and can take off almost instantly thanks to XSTOL technology. XSTOL is STOL, but under the restrictions that the aircraft can take off in less than 800 ft and carry a load greater than its own weight, and we have acheived XSTOL by far, and the team at the lab are very happy with this indeed!




  5. AeroHawk98 UAV


    After thinking long and hard on how to make and get the most of our ultra modern day technology, the team at the 98Aerospace lab have created a remote control testbed aircraft capable of performing a multitude of experiments. We present to you the AeroHawk98 UAV, one of the most advanced UAV's out there. With a stall speed of 11 knots, and a max speed of 200, this aircraft is built only of the latest technology. Inspired to sail through the sky like a broad winged bird, it also looks beautiful in the sky and pushes stable UAV aerodynamics.
    Powered by a small Bio-Fuel engine, the two props are held and rotated inside magnetically charged discs. (One of the latest breakthroughs in our lab).
    To say least; this bird is built to test the latest 98 tech, and it achieves it's objective.
    Flight testers advise:To land, get to a low airspeed and close to the ground, then open seedbrakes to assist keeping you on the ground until you come to a stop.
    We hope you enjoy our enhanced x-plane experience.
    - The 98Aerospace Team




  6. Teknetium98


    By 98Aerospace

    The team welcomes you back to fly another of our brilliant line of experimental aircraft, this time, 98Aero is under new management! But before we talk about that, let us tell you about the aircraft..
    The Teknetium (Tech-net-ie-um) is very much a multi purpose aircraft, designed for not only recreational and sport flying, but also operational flying in the force, postage shipping, carrier work (army versions fitted with guns are not yet planned, but expected) and a whole lot of other useful operational uses. After posting the Aerohawk UAV, the team found that stable and agile aircraft pleased the X-Plane users, so the Teknetium is a second aircraft that is built to fly beautifully.
    Aircraft characteristics:
    STOL: When taking off, it will not take long to lift off the ground. Note that the high angle of attack from the low tail on the ground will force the aircraft to lift into a backflip once off the ground. A simple and easy way to prevent this is to push foward on the stick and level out. Easy.
    LEVEL FLIGHT: When flying straight, it will not have any tendencies to lift or drop, it will just fly straight. Take your hand off the stick, and it will fly straight. It is a pleasure to fly.
    SIMLE COCKPIT: Easy to read and not full of excess things. A simple autopilot, PFD, engine controls, that is it.
    MASSIVE DETAIL: This aircraft is full of smooth and great looking detail that has been crafted by our most prominent 3D modellers. Extending flap struts for the slotted flap, nicely done landing gear, high detail engines, high resolution textures... all included.
    INTERESING SHAPE: Always a trademark of the team at 98, this aircraft tests a unique wing shape and excels in the most modern aerospace engineering format.
    New management:
    The team have reformed into a more organised group, following a halt in production a few months back. We now name a new group leader and are looking for some enthusiastic new employees:
    The 98Aerospace team so far:

    Nick Kuiper (Clod Slayer): Head of development and main modeller. Hamish Hall-Smith (Hampster): Main texture artist and detail consultant.

    If you are interested in a spot in our group, please send us a message via our profile and tell us what you are good at, and we'll acommodate you if you are useful to our operation.
    Enjoy your enhanced X-Plane experience.
    The team at 98Aerospace.




  7. Sabre 98


    The Sabre98 is the first plane of a team of young X-Plane enthusiasts, called 98Aerospace.
    The Sabre98 is a small light, yet fast and nippy plane, that Is used for stunt flying, or a fast light private jet, or a fast commercial post plane. It is a nimble performer, although not enough flap at takeoff can make it pitch down, but otherwise, it is SUPER fun to fly. Crafted to the touch, with well made bodies, real life specs of a honda jet's jet to have more realism, Hi res textures and cockpit, and good looks as well!

    Who are the team who make up 98Aerospace?
    Nick Kuiper (Clod slayer) - Team captain and main designer
    Hampster - Paint and cockpit panel
    This upload is part of 98aerospace moving to X-Pilot.com, we will no longer be active aircraft submitters in the Org. Thanks X-Pilot!
    98aerospace whishes to add to your addition of wonderful aircraft. If you have any complaints or would like to say something, write it here or PM one of us. We'll be happy to help!
    Enjoy your flight!
    (Credit goes to Brent123 for the design, and Ultimate flyer for the cockpit layout)
    The 98aerospace team




  8. HCT-98

    Heavy Cargo Transport 98

    The HCT is also know as the Heavy Cargo Transporter, and is 98's anwer to the current boom in freight technology. In between the size of a 747 and an A380, it is a close competitor to the freight market. It also has better capabilities than the 747 or A380 as it can take off and land at shorter runways. Made up of leading composite materials, and using the best navigational and weight dispursment technology money can buy, the HCT is the perfect answer to a freight company in need of a durable and easy freighter.
    In this plane:
    Realistic spinning turbines in jets.
    Over five liveries.
    custom cockpit.
    Who are the 98Aerospace team???
    Nick Kuiper (clod slayer) - flight model and cheif admin.
    Hampster - flight model and textures.
    This was Brent123's entry to the 98Aerospace three week competition.
    Enjoy! - the 98Aerospace team




  9. Razor Rj-198

    RAZOR RJ-198

    This is plane No. 2 for 98Aerospace, and is pretty good if you ask me! I present to you, the Razor Rj-198. Designed as a really small commuter, to be quick and have a long range to get small amounts of passengers from A to B. Systems include Hi tech wings, two jets with real life specs of one, a small pod at the front of the V stab that produces 48% of the planes energy by having two rotating blades inside, and composite materials. The concept of this plane, for the airline operator, is to shift alot of passengers by a small, low cost plane, instead of a half empty Q300 that costs more fuel.
    Who are the 98Aerospace team?
    * Nick kuiper (clod slayer): Head cheese and main modeller.
    * Hampster: Plane design, texturing.
    We would like to thank all the people who downloaded and praised our Sabre98, YOU ROCK!
    Expect more from us in the coming weeks, we will post a plane a week for you to enjoy, all with Hi res textures, cockpits, and more. But for now, bye from the 98Aerospace team!
    (Credit goes to Brent 123 for the plane design and Ultimate flyer for the cockpit layout)




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