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  1. Yes... The new update of SMP is letterally destroing my system. I used to fly the IXEG 733 in EDDF with good settings at 60-80 fps... Now I'm fighting to be at least over 35... That's weird. Don't tell me "cut down on rendering opions" because I already did it. My system: 16 gb DDR3 1600 MHz GTX 750Ti H97 plus motherboard SSD 250 gb and Samsung HD 1TB i5-4460
  2. Hong Kong Aviation Club Zlin 242L Crash

    It's been a while since I was on x-pilot, since then I completed my GFPT and just as I was about to do my aerobatic rating... 2 days ago my instructor passed away when the Zlin 242L entered an unrecoverable spin and crashed into Plover Cove Reservoir. It was meant to be just a "warm up" flight before he takes another student on his 5th lesson, I even talked to him prior to his flight... If there was one thing I can never forget for the rest of my life, it would be seeing his lifeless body pulled out of the wreckage, still strapped to his seat... The media doesn't help either, a barrage of reporters trying to ask me personal questions despite the fact that I was breaking down and crying. It was a tough 2 days for me, I had been mourning the passing of such a great man, someone who watched me solo and continued not only being an instructor, but being a figure that is respectable. I have moved further and further away from X-Plane now unfortunately, due to real flying and I will start my Diploma of Aviation June this year in Melbourne. It's nice checking in again