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  1. Robert149

    X-Aviation Previews RealScenery NORCAL Scenery

    that project is long dead, Im hoping xplane 11 will bring something new and fun to the table
  2. Robert149

    Hawaii Photoreal Development

    Development on this project seems to have vanished, I think you need to go to the Hawaii Photoreal site for info
  3. Robert149

    Information on the NORCAL release

    WOW polygonpusher ! I don't think anybody could have said that better and with such fairness to all! . What a guy !! I too like many fans of the norcal project have been watching and patiently waiting for over three years and even tho there has been no money exchanged it was a little harsh to be told we are owed nothing ! Like you I wish everyone on this project all the best on its completion ,but for now anyway I am going to move along as well ! Cheers to all !
  4. Robert149

    X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery v2 released!

    Wow ! Those images are amazing ! But what kind of computers are you guys using! I would imagine my 2011 imac would get about 1 frame per second or less ! I guess it time to upgrade again :-)
  5. Robert149

    Photoreal Scenery Packs

    Thanks for that tip Tony ! I will check it out !
  6. Robert149

    Photoreal Scenery Packs

    Does anybody know if there is any other photo scenery out there for xplane ? I have seen the UK scenery is that worth buying ?
  7. Robert149

    Xplane and imac question

    Thanks for that ! The post by Andy was great and helped me out ! Blue skies for the links my friend
  8. Robert149

    Xplane and imac question

    Ok thanks for your feed back guys that will help me on my final decision ! Appreciate you all taking your time to help me out !
  9. Robert149

    Xplane and imac question

    I am looking to get a new imac and I am not sure if getting the i7 prosessor vers the i5 is very important . The imac I am looking at has 3.2 GHz intel core i5 prossesor With two GB video memory. So my question is would there be a big differance in xplanes performance between the two prosessors ? Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Robert149

    Leading Edge Simulations DC 3

    Trevg I think your going to love this LES DC 3 when its updated to 64 bit ! its beautifully done ! A bit pricey but well worth it ! Especially if its the first aircraft you flew in ! A must have for the hanger :-)
  11. Robert149

    Leading Edge Simulations DC 3

    Thanks for the quick response Goran . I will be looking for it . I love this awesome plane that you have created and look forward to flying this updated beauty !! Thanks again :-)
  12. Does any one know when / if LES is going to do and update fore their DC 3 making it 64 bit compadable?
  13. Robert149

    Information on the NORCAL release

    Hey there strider , there are a lot of us who have been waiting well over two years for this release so as frusterating as it is we can only be patient , and as far ad socal, well i am 63 years old and healthy but dont expect I will ever see that one !! But can always hope. :-)
  14. Robert149

    Information on the NORCAL release

    Wowee Zoweee, looks good !!
  15. Robert149

    How to pan around the 3D cockpit?

    Right Double click your mouse or track pad then move your mouse or finger ( on track pad ) in any direction you want to look . Also use the up down arrows to change field of view in this pan mode. Good luck !