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  1. ChrisMac

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.1 Has Been Released!

    What a brilliant way to update .... Thanks IXEG
  2. ChrisMac

    No Electrics after engine start

    Must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. This happens if I follow the checklist precisely or not Starting first engine (port side), lights go out on overhead panel, as expected. When engine comes up to speed, lights do not come on again ( I have waited 5 mins, just to see). Checking voltages, batt L & R are OK but L Gen no voltage. I then have tried resetting the Gen but to no avail Makes no difference if I start with GPU on or off This happens most times, However if I load the default Baron first and then the Saab it will sometimes work I can supply xplane and Gizmo logs if anyone thinks they will help
  3. UPDATE: Click here if you want to know what really happened in all of this! I see this update is now available to those who purchased thru the Org store. Any chance that this excellent update could be made available to those of us who purchased direct for X-Aviation?
  4. ChrisMac

    Whispering Death

    My fav ww2 twin. I will follow you progress with interest. Good luck
  5. ChrisMac

    Couple of Questions

    With regard to the CTOT, with my setup, if I use the ground services plugin to pushback the CTOT does not function. However with no push back (place the plane via the local map) then it works perfectly. I not sure why but to be honest this is such a fantastic aircraft that I am not sure I care.
  6. ChrisMac

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    Amazing ..... now if I could only start those engines!
  7. Can't wait guys looks magic
  8. ChrisMac

    Saab 340A Teaser Video

    Let's go .........